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    Effective traffic enforcement is the most important requirement for road safety. We can have the best Rules of the Road, but if these are not enforced effectively, we will continue to have an increase in fatal accidents on our roads.

    The Road to Safety Strategy puts a high priority on coordinated efforts in all the key areas of road safety: law compliance, driver fitness and training, vehicle condition, fleet regulation, overload control, pedestrian education, direct community road safety participation and active passengers and public empowerment.


    Road policing is a vital component of Samoa Police’s road safety strategy, and plays a key role in saving lives and minimizing injury on the road.

    Police Visibility – SPS aims for higher levels of visible police presence on our roads. The visible enforcement of road traffic law is an effective deterrent to dangerous behavior and significantly contributes to enabling people to use the roads safely. If drivers and riders believe there is less chance of being detected and prosecuted, they are more likely to behave dangerously (speeding, tailgating, drink driving, using a mobile phone and so on).

    Our focus;

    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Negligent Driving Causing Death
    • Negligent Driving Causing Injury
    • Dangerous Driving
    • Careless Driving


    Road Safety

    • Road blocks
    • Boy racers deterrence operations
    • School crossings
    • Investigations and prosecution of irresponsible drivers
    • Enforcement of government vehicle policy
    • Official police escorts

    Traffic Enforcement & Road Safety Fact Sheet