Service Fees / Police Clearance

Police Clearance

  • This is the new procedures that will be implemented by the records section of the police when requesting for a police clearance report. The following guidelines will now apply:

    1. Third party transactions involving application for police clearance report will no longer be acceptable, due to privacy concerns, however, if the applicant cannot submit the application in person and therefore requires another to do so on his/her behalf, the below requirements must be met:
      1. a signed consent letter approving that person to act on his/her behalf,
      2. a copy of that person’s valid passport or driver’s license plus the birth certificate.
    2. In the case of children 17 years of age and below, either parents can act on their behalf. The birth certificate of the child is acceptable for the application of the police clearance report plus a valid identification from both parents.
    3. For normal applications, your passport or birth certificate and a passport size photo is required plus the $30.00tala fee
    4. A maximum period of two working days is allowed for officers to conduct a thorough background check of police records once all the relevant documents and fees are provided before processing your police clearance report.
    5. The police does not accept urgent fees to instantly process any application. It is an offence if you provide any wrong information or documents to the police and you may be prosecuted under the law. The official business hours for the records office to process police clearance reports is from 9.30am in the morning until 4.00pm in the afternoon. This is from Monday to Friday and it does not include the weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to these new changes, nevertheless the SPS considers it necessary for the protection of private information.

    Download Police Clearance Form here