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  • Below are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

    • What are the service fees?

      Find a list of services we offer; including canine registration, police clearance, and more, as well as the fees applicable on our Service Fees page.

      We now also do Vehicle Registration and Drivers License, click here for our service fees.

    • How to obtain a police clearance?

      To obtain a police clearance report, see the process on our Police Clearance page.

    • How to lodge a complaint?

      1. Report to any nearest Police Station
      2. Discuss the matter with a Police Officer (whether its civil or criminal)
      3. If it’s a criminal matter then fill up crime report, and get a yellow copy. (this will help you follow up with your complaint)
      4. Make a complaint statement, and sign it.
      5. Police start Investigation.
    • What are the visiting hours for police custody?

      Opening hours from 9am – 5pm including the Weekend
      No night visits except special circumstances.

    • How to report a lost or stolen item?

      You can report an lost item anytime 24/7 to SPS HQ

      1. The process takes 3 working days
      2. Can’t uplift Insurance Report on weekends
      3. You must have birth cert & passport photo, OR driver’s license, OR C.I.

      Applicable Fee (CASH ONLY)
      Non-Citizen $50 WST
      Citizen $30 WST

    • What is needed when registering a firearm?

      There are two main categories for registering a firearm; Farming or Sports. Please see the requirements for registering a firearm on our Registering a Firearm page.

    • When do I need to register a dog?

      • The dog owner must be at least 21 years old.
      • A maximum of 3 dogs can be registered under one person
      • $5 fee for any dog to be registered
      • If you wish to register more than 3 dogs then a permit must be applied
      • This permit cost $30 samoan tala
      • $10.00 registration fee for every dog that is more than 3