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  • Below are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

    • What are the service fees?

      Find a list of services we offer; including canine registration, police clearance and more, as well as the fees applicable on our Service Fees page.

    • How to obtain a police clearance?

      To obtain a police clearance report, see the process on our Police Clearance page.

    • How to lodge a complaint?

      1. Report to any nearest Police Station
      2. Discuss the matter with a Police Officer (whether its civil or criminal)
      3. If it’s a criminal matter then fill up crime report, and get a yellow copy. (this will help you follow up with your complaint)
      4. Make a complaint statement, and sign it.
      5. Police start Investigation.
    • What are the visiting hours for police custody?

      Opening hours from 9am – 5pm including the Weekend
      No night visits except special circumstances.

    • How to report a lost or stolen item?

      You can report an lost item anytime 24/7 to SPS HQ

      1. The process takes 3 working days
      2. Can’t uplift Insurance Report on weekends
      3. You must have birth cert & passport photo, OR driver’s license, OR C.I.

      Applicable Fee (CASH ONLY)
      Non-Citizen $50 WST
      Citizen $30 WST

    • What is needed when registering a firearm?

      There are two main categories for registering a firearm; Farming or Sports. Please see the requirements for registering a firearm on our Registering a Firearm page.

    • When do I need to register a dog?

      • The dog owner must be at least 21 years old.
      • A maximum of 3 dogs can be registered under one person
      • $5 fee for any dog to be registered
      • If you wish to register more than 3 dogs then a permit must be applied
      • This permit cost $30 samoan tala
      • $10.00 registration fee for every dog that is more than 3