Maritime Unit

    • The Samoan Police Service Police Maritime Wing undertakes Maritime Surveillance of the Samoa Islands and the Exclusion Economic Zone. It is responsible for offshore border control enforcement, investigations, compliance and detention operations in Samoa.

    • Objectives

      • To enforce Samoan laws and enhance sovereignty protection over Samoan maritime territory;
      • To assist National Security Operations Centre in the collection of information and intelligence;
      • To detect, monitor and respond to fishing activity inside the EEZ with the intention of protecting the offshore fisheries resources;
      • To liaise closely with Division of Fisheries and Forum Fisheries Agency on developments within the fisheries sector;
      • To assist in Search and Rescue and other humanitarian needs such as medical evacuation and disaster relief, as required;
      • To provide a communications link on behalf of the government to remote islands for approved activities; and,
      • To support the Police Service as directed.