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ATM Skimming

  • ATM Skimming Safety Tips

    ATM skimming is becoming an alarming trend within the Pacific. ATM skimmers from around the globe tend to prefer countries where its people aren’t fully aware of the security measures taken to prevent such crime.

    What to look out for?

    Signs of tampering

    Before using any ATM do the following checks:

    • Try wiggling the keypad or card slot to see if anything seems loose.
    • Also look for keypads that appear raised or have an unusual colour. A thief could have placed an overlay on the keypad to record the personal identification number you punch in.

    Protect your PIN

    Place your hand over the keypad when entering your personal identification number in case thieves have installed a pinhole camera to record it.

    Check your transactions

    Carefully examine your bank account activity online to see whether funds have been withdrawn that you didn’t authorize.

    Inspect before using

    Beware of ATMs whose card slots are a different colour than the rest of the machine; have unusual equipment on the slot; or does not accept your card smoothly.