• SPPCS on Thursday 25 March 2021 at Tanumalala held a low-key sworn in ceremony and promotion of staff working for Prisons and Corrections Services.
        These officers included:

        1. Newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Prisons & Corrections – Leiataua Samuelu Afamasaga
        2. Director of Program and Development – Motunuu Mikaele Teofilo
        3. Principal Internal Investigator – Taualai Luuga
        4. (2) Senior Program Officers – Lomitusi Maifea & Salauseu Keneti Teo
        5. (2) Program Officers – Teuila Aukusitono & Howard Masoe.
        The ceremony was attended by the Commissioner of Police, Prisons & Corrections who also gave the keynote address. The Commissioner stressed the importance of following the law and policies. He also highlighted to the promoted officers that, “it is not about the rank but the person who holds the rank” ensuring that with higher ranks the greater the responsibility.
        Family members and SPPCS Executive and Senior Management participated in the ceremony to recognise the achievements of its members.