Samoa Police, Prisons and Corrections Service (SPPCS) – Road Safety Campaign

      • Earlier today, Thursday 18 March 2021, Commissioner Fuiavailiili Egon Keil and Executive met with business owners and representatives of major local businesses to discuss road safety measures relating to Heavy Duty vehicles.
        Since February of this year, SPPCS has met with owners of taxi companies and buses to address similar road safety measures in an effort to curb unsafe behaviours of drivers and the risks it poses to the lives of the general public especially pedestrians.
        The Commissioner in todays meeting highlighted the need to work together to ensure safety on our roads. Business owners were provided with statistics of traffic accidents. SPPCS also used the opportunity to highlight the gruesome reality of deaths as a result of preventable accidents. These accidents are caused because drivers do not adhere to road rules, speed limits and other measures such as ensuring drivers have valid licenses and owners ensuring that these heavy duty vehicles have valid registrations.
        Owners and representatives also provided feedback to the team.SPPCS acknowledges the support of everyone involved and we look forward to the collaborative efforts in making our roads safe for all of Samoa.
        Working together for a safe and secure Samoa.