• Samoa Police Prisons and Correction Services (SPPCS) would like to inform the public that with a greater focus on road safety, our vehicle registration sections both at Vaitele and Salelologa are now enforcing our new policy on vehicle registration and renewal of registrations. Changes in operation for vehicle initial registrations and vehicle-renewal procedures include:
        1.Owner must present a valid ID together with other requirements such as an Import Certificate for new vehicles or Vehicle Ownership Certificate for renewal of registration whenever they present the vehicle for inspection.
        2. Warrant of Fitness will be affixed on vehicles by officers at Vaitele and Salelologa. Warrant of Fitness will no longer be issued out. Vehicle owners must present their vehicles at inspection sites at Vaitele or Salelologa.
        4. A late fee will apply if owners fail to present their vehicle for renewal on the month indicated on the Warrant of Fitness.
        5. A vehicle may not be registered or renew a registration if it does not meet inspection requirements. The owner will be asked to fix such parts of the vehicle before presenting the vehicle again for inspection.
        6. Vehicle Transfer of Ownership requirements
        7. Other requirements
        Please contact our office at or any of these numbers 28556, 28557, 28558, 30922 if you require more information regarding changes to operation as indicated.
        Working together for a Safe Samoa!