• SPPCS wishes to advise the public that since the beginning of March 2021 we have been working with Engineers from the Land Transport Authority to assess traffic congestion in the mornings and the feasibility of using traffic lights instead of traffic officers. We ask for your patience as we are carrying out these assessments.

        You may note in the mornings now that traffic officers have been deployed to monitor crossings at traffic lights intersections instead of directing traffic as usual at these traffic lights intersections. However, intersections without lights, traffic officers are continuing with their normal duties of directing traffic.

        Please take heed of the following advice;
        1. Don’t Speed
        2. Don’t Overload
        3. Don’t Overtake Recklessly
        4. You can meet every need by maintaining normal speed
        5. Obey road rules
        6. Every crossings the pedestrian has the right of way, drivers are urge to proceed with caution when nearing any road crossings.
        7. Lateness is not an excuse to speed. Proper planning prevents preventable accidents.
        8. Patience is a virtue!
        9. Don’t forget to smile when stuck in traffic
        10. Document and report traffic violation

        For any traffic violations please contact our Traffic Enforcement Division on 26711 or send an email to –

        Working together for a safe and secure Samoa