Samoan Introduction to Prosecution Course courtesy of the New Zealand Police.

Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services (SPPCS) begin its Samoa Introduction to Prosecution Course today.
Twelve (12) of our SPPCS members take part in this course. In a brief opening earlier today, Acting Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati, in his remarks, reiterated the significance of the prosecution.
“The role of a prosecutor within our Ministry is of utmost importance. You are the end of all our investigations. In essence, if you don’t prosecute well, criminals will get away with the crimes they’ve committed, and justice will not be served”.
In addition, Acting Commissioner Lafaitele conveyed to the participants to take the opportunity to learn and develop their skills as police prosecutors.
The training course aims to provide our officers with tools and techniques; to confidently carry out prosecution duties.
Concluding his remarks, Lafaitele encouraged the twelve participants to engage in the training.
“Efforts to ensure successful prosecution means criminals are held accountable”.
Acting Commissioner Lafaitele, on behalf of SPPCS, thanked New Zealand Police for the opportunity given to the officers to learn and enhance their skills.
Senior Sergeant Jodie Lawrence of the New Zealand Police thanked Acting Commissioner Lafaitele for the encouraging words and expressed the significance of the role of prosecution.
“We are so vital, one end doing the hard work, and we (prosecutors) are the key, at the other end, to turn that work to a successful prosecution, said Senior Sergeant Jodie.
The week-long course, is conducted by Senior Sergeants Jodie Lawrence and Terry Laws of the New Zealand Police