Samoa Police Sergeant Trains at UN Program in Kiribati

Sergeant Tuifao Luatua, a seasoned member of Samoa’s Police, Prisons, and Corrections Services, is currently lending his expertise as a tutor at the United Nations Police Training Architecture Program in Kiribati.

The program, spanning from May 13th to May 24th, focuses on providing job-specific training tailored to the needs of Pacific law enforcement agencies.

Sergeant Luatua’s participation not only showcases Samoa’s dedication to professional development within its law enforcement sector but also underscores its commitment to regional security initiatives. As a tutor, he plays a crucial role in imparting valuable skills and knowledge to fellow officers from across the Pacific, fostering collaboration and enhancing capacities to address emerging security challenges.

His involvement in this UN program exemplifies Samoa’s proactive approach to strengthening law enforcement capabilities and promoting regional cooperation. By sharing best practices and engaging in collaborative learning, Sergeant Tuifao Luatua and his counterparts contribute to a safer and more secure Pacific region.