Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services Achievements Update

Defensive Driving Training Completed

Officers of the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services (SPPCS) have successfully completed their Defensive Driving Training, enabling them to operate SPPCS buses. This rigorous training ensures that officers are well-prepared to handle the challenges of driving larger vehicles safely and efficiently. The newly qualified bus drivers are now ready to enhance the operational capabilities of the SPPCS by providing reliable transportation services.

University Graduation Milestone

In a proud moment for the SPPCS, a civilian member Vanu Iaeva Amitai of the Assets Section has graduated from the University of the South Pacific – Alafua Campus (Post Graduate Diploma in Commerce Management & Public Administration. This achievement highlights the SPPCS’s commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of its members. The SPPCS continues to encourage and celebrate the educational advancements of its staff, recognizing the importance of continuous learning and development in enhancing service delivery.

Community Engagement in Disaster and Climate Risk Management

The Community Engagement Unit of the SPPCS has been actively involved in the Community Disaster & Climate Risk Management Programme. Collaborating with the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority (SFESA), Ministry of Health (MOH), and other government ministries, the unit is working to bolster community resilience against disasters and climate risks. This initiative reflects the SPPCS’s dedication to protecting and educating the community, ensuring that they are better prepared to handle emergencies and environmental challenges.

Maritime Training in Canberra

Corporal Annalieze Lene Sopoaga of the SPPCS is currently in Canberra, participating in specialized training on the legal frameworks and regulations governing maritime activities throughout the Indo-Pacific region. This training aims to enhance her expertise in maritime law and operations, equipping her with the knowledge to contribute effectively to regional maritime security and governance. Corporal Sopoaga’s involvement in this training underscores the SPPCS’s commitment to international cooperation and capacity building in the maritime sector.

Maritime Domain Awareness Foundation Course

A few members of the SPPCS Maritime Unit recently completed a Maritime Domain Awareness Foundation Course, conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes. This course included participation from members of the Tonga Police, fostering regional cooperation and shared learning. The training focused on enhancing the understanding and capabilities of maritime security operations, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in combating maritime threats. This achievement highlights the SPPCS’s dedication to improving its maritime operational capabilities and strengthening regional partnerships.

These achievements reflect the ongoing efforts and dedication of the SPPCS to improve its services, support its members, and contribute positively to the community and beyond.