Samoa Police Officers Excel in U.S. Tactical Medics Training

In a momentous ceremony held at the Faleata Fire Station, over twenty dedicated individuals from various backgrounds, including registered nurses, paramedics, and police officers, celebrated their graduation from the rigorous U.S. Tactical Medics Training course.

Spearheaded by the Soifua Manuia Medics team, this 9-day program equipped participants with essential skills for managing trauma and mass casualty situations, a critical need in emergency response.

Among the distinguished awardees were Tofi Mauala, recognized for exceptional leadership, and Perise Fepuleai, lauded as the top performer in assessments and practical tests. Staff Sergeant Alex received commendation for his unwavering dedication and support throughout the course.

The training curriculum, tailored to the specific needs of EMTs, police officers, and emergency nurses, covered a spectrum of topics, including pre-hospital trauma management and mental health considerations. Chief Medical NCO Terry Larson emphasized the importance of continuous learning and announced upcoming advanced courses to further enhance participants’ capabilities.

Aiono Meresaini Siaosi Laulua, Chair of FESA’s Board of Directors, commended the graduates for their commitment to service and acknowledged the pivotal role played by both the instructors and the trainees themselves in shaping their journey towards excellence in emergency response.

In a statement to Savali News, Emani Paulo Nuuvalu, a Registered Nurse with the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Department, expressed gratitude for the invaluable skills acquired during the training, highlighting the importance of quick and effective first aid interventions, particularly in chaotic situations.

Brigadier General Mark Siekman, while congratulating the graduates, emphasized the ongoing nature of their journey, urging them to continue practicing and building upon their newfound knowledge and experience.

In addition to celebrating the achievements of all graduates, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Samoa Police officers who successfully completed this demanding course. Their dedication to enhancing emergency response capabilities is a testament to their commitment to serving and protecting their communities.