New Zealand Police Delegation Arrives in Samoa for CHOGM Security Preparations

Apia, Samoa – A delegation from the New Zealand Police arrived in Samoa over the weekend to assist with security preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled for October. This visit is part of ongoing collaborative efforts between New Zealand and the Samoa to ensure the safety and security of all attending leaders and delegates.

The New Zealand Police contingent, consisting of team leaders for specialist search groups, is currently conducting comprehensive onsite scoping of all venues and accommodations designated for CHOGM. These assessments are crucial for determining security deployment strategies and implementing effective search mechanisms to mitigate potential threats.

The delegation’s primary focus is on evaluating the security infrastructure and identifying any potential vulnerabilities. Their expertise in handling high-profile international events is invaluable, providing a robust framework for the security operations during CHOGM.

During their visit, the New Zealand Police delegation is working closely with the Samoa Police, Prisons and Corrections Services (SPPCS). This collaboration is vital for seamless integration of security protocols and ensuring a coordinated response to any potential threats during the event.

The comprehensive onsite assessments include evaluating entry and exit points, securing perimeters, and planning for emergency responses. By identifying and addressing security gaps early, the joint efforts of New Zealand and Samoa aim to provide a safe environment for all CHOGM participants.

This partnership highlights the strong bilateral relations between New Zealand and Samoa, reflecting a shared commitment to regional security and cooperation. As preparations continue, the ongoing collaboration between the New Zealand Police and SPPCS will play a crucial role in the successful hosting of CHOGM in October.