Close Personnel Protections Course

  • November 24, 2023
  • News
The Samoa Police, Prisons and Corrections Services (SPPCS) held an award ceremony to honor thirteen officers who had completed a two-week training program on Close Personnel Protection. The officers had undergone rigorous training, led by an instructor from the Australian Federal Police, and had demonstrated exceptional discipline throughout the program.
The ceremony was attended by Acting Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati, Deputy Commissioner Papalii Monaisa Tiai-keti, and other executive staff members. They were present to celebrate the success of the officers who had received their Close Personnel Protection certificates.
In addition to the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services members, two Tonga Police officers were also awarded their certificates for completing the program. Acting Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati congratulated all participants for their hard work and dedication during the training, and emphasized the importance of the skills and knowledge they had acquired.
He specifically recognized the two Tonga Police officers for their commitment to the program, acknowledging the challenges of leaving their families to attend the training in Samoa. He expressed his gratitude for their support of the program, and commended all the participants for their dedication to public safety.
Acting Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati urged the officers to make use of their newly acquired skills and knowledge in their daily work, and to continue to uphold the high standards of discipline and professionalism that they had shown during the training program. He wished them all the best in their future endeavors and encouraged them to continue their commitment to serving their communities