Close Personnel Protection Training

  • November 14, 2023
  • News
More than ten police officers have enrolled in the Close Personnel Protection (CPP) training program for the upcoming two weeks. This comprehensive training aims to equip law enforcement personnel with essential skills and knowledge in ensuring the safety and security of individuals under their protection. Among the participants, two police officers from the Kingdom of Tonga have traveled all the way to Samoa to attend this training.
Additionally, three instructors from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have also made their way to Samoa to support the local Samoa Police, Prisons, and Corrections Services members, as well as the Tongan officers. The instructors will share their expertise and guide the participants in acquiring the necessary expertise in close personnel protection.
The CPP training program will be conducted over a span of two weeks, allowing officers to delve into various aspects of personal protection.
By the end of the two-week training, the police officers, including the Tongan participants, will have acquired valuable knowledge and practical experience in close personnel protection. This training is expected to enhance their capabilities and contribute to their respective law enforcement agencies’ overall effectiveness in safeguarding individuals who require close protection services.