We bid farewell to 22 Maritime personnel, heading to Australia

Twenty-two (22) maritime personnel from Samoa’s Police, Prisons, and Corrections Services will depart for Australia for the next three months. The team will be in training and will sail back to Samoa on the 3rd Nafanua Guardian Class Patrol Boat.
A ceremony was held this morning at the SPPCS Maritime Wing to mark the departure of twenty-two (22) officers from three (3) months of training in Australia.
This morning’s event was attended by Honorable Minister Faualo Harry Schuster, Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo, and was joined by executive management.
Rev. Siaosi Salesulu officiated the gathering and provided words of encouragement by highlighting the narrative of Jonah, stating that in order to have a successful training, they must put the past behind them, but focus on the present and the future. He stressed on the importance of having a positive attitude and being open to new ideas and suggestions. He also encouraged them to stay humble and to never forget the importance of teamwork.
Honorable Faualo Harry Schuster thanks Rev. Siaosi Salesulu for his encouragement of the officers, and thanks the Australian government for providing Samoa with another patrol boat of the Guardian Class.
Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo reminded officers; the government of Samoa is praying for them and that their families are rooting for them.
“Ia outou manatua o lo’o taupuai atu Samoa, amata mai le Ao mamalu o Samoa, Palemia ma le Kapeneta sei o’o lava i se tamaititi laititi, aua la outou faigamalaga” added the Commissioner.