SPPCS The University of the South Pacific – Samoa Campus, Apia Open Day

Earlier today Friday, February 23rd, 2024, a significant collaboration unfolded at the University of the South Pacific’s Alafua Campus, as the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services’ Royal Band and Community Engagement Unit participated in the university’s Student Orientation Day.
The renowned Royal Band graced the occasion with their captivating musical performances, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to the atmosphere of the USP open day. Their talent and enthusiasm delighted attendees, contributing to the lively ambiance of the event.
Meanwhile, the Community Engagement Unit took the opportunity to conduct informative presentations, focusing particularly on legal matters, with an emphasis on alcohol and drug-related laws. Addressing Foundation students, the unit aimed to raise awareness and provide guidance on navigating legal responsibilities and avoiding unlawful activities.
Inspector Apaula Taeu, a distinguished member of the Criminal Investigation Division, shared her valuable insights with the students. Drawing from her own experiences and academic background, Inspector Taeu provided valuable perspectives on the importance of education and adherence to the law. Notably, Inspector Taeu is an alumna of the University of the South Pacific, having graduated with a degree in law.
Expressing gratitude for the collaborative effort, the University of the South Pacific extended thanks to the Samoa Police and Prisons & Corrections Services for their proactive involvement in educating students. Acknowledging the prevalence of legal issues and the challenges students may face, the partnership aimed to equip students with essential knowledge and guidance to make informed decisions and uphold the law.
The USP’s open day buzzed with excitement as students engaged in various activities and enjoyed the live music provided by the Royal Band. The collaborative initiative between the Samoa Police and USP exemplifies a commitment to fostering community engagement and promoting legal awareness among the younger generation.
As the day unfolded, students benefited from the invaluable insights shared by law enforcement professionals, setting a positive tone for their academic journey and future endeavors.