SPPCS – Thank you for your service Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa Muao Seiuli

In accordance with a dedicated service spanning thirty-six (36) years, Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa Muao Seiuli has officially retired from the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services (SPPCS). Beginning his tenure in 1988 at the age of 22, Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa has served the Ministry with steadfast commitment and versatility.
Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa’s professional journey has been marked by his multifaceted contributions, notably within the esteemed Samoa Police Royal Band, alongside pivotal roles across various divisions including the Traffic Enforcement Division, Communication Unit, General Policing, and Tanumalala precinct. His international training experiences, notably with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission, underscore his dedication to professional development and global collaboration in law enforcement.
In a reflective interview, Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa shared insights garnered from his tenure, highlighting the resilience instilled by his unwavering faith and sense of duty towards his country. Despite encountering inherent risks in law enforcement, his steadfast allegiance to his oath remained unwavering, guiding him through myriad challenges.
Offering counsel to prospective officers, Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa underscored the importance of passion, pride in service, and spiritual fortitude in upholding the principles of law enforcement. His departure, while marking the end of an era, is accompanied by heartfelt gratitude towards the Commissioner, Executive leadership, and the entirety of the SPPCS for their support and collaboration.
Deputy Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti and Assistant Commissioner Papalii Efo Peika Moalele extend sincere appreciation to Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa for his exemplary service and enduring contributions to the Ministry. They bid him farewell and extend best wishes for his future endeavors, acknowledging his lasting impact on the SPPCS.
Senior Sergeant Tanuvasa Muao Seiuli’s legacy of dedication and professionalism serves as a beacon within the SPPCS community, embodying the values of integrity and service excellence. His departure leaves a void that will be felt, yet his indelible imprint on the SPPCS will endure, serving as inspiration for future generations of law enforcement professionals.