SPPCS Official Ceremony Marks Opening of Investigative Interview Skills Course

Earlier today, Tuesday March 5th 2024, a significant ceremony was held to inaugurate the Investigative Interview Skills Course which six officers will undergo. Led by Inspector Maseiga Lauina, the event commenced with a solemn morning devotion, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings.
Detective Senior Sergeant Peter O’Neill of the esteemed Australian Federal Police took the floor to provide a comprehensive overview of the course’s objectives and significance. With a focus on refining investigative interviewing techniques, O’Neill elucidated the pivotal role these skills play in law enforcement operations.
Assistant Commissioner (AC) Salilo Norman Meni, in his address, extended gratitude to Detective Senior Sergeant Peter O’Neill and Detective Superintendent Daniel Evans for orchestrating this invaluable opportunity for participants from both the Samoa Police and Prisons and Corrections Services. Drawing from his own experiences, AC Salilo emphasized the critical importance of crafting precise and incisive questions during suspect interrogations.
Offering words of encouragement to the assembled participants, AC Salilo urged them to absorb the wealth of knowledge and skills offered by the course, emphasizing the profound impact they can have on their investigative endeavors.
Superintendent Laufili Malu Talo also addressed the gathering, extending his best wishes to all participants as they embarked on their training journey. His closing remarks encapsulated the collective sentiment of the event, echoing a spirit of optimism and determination among attendees.
The Investigative Interview Skills Course stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment of law enforcement organizations to enhance their capabilities and uphold the principles of justice and accountability. As participants delve into the intricacies of investigative interviewing, they are poised to emerge as more adept and effective guardians of the law.