SPPCS: Close Personal Protection (CPP) Training Begins for CHOGM Event

The CPP training, aimed at preparing participants for the upcoming CHOGM event, commenced today with a prayer. Led by Senior Sergeant Junior Afereti and team, the two-week course focuses on ensuring the safety of dignitaries.
Senior Sergeant Junior Afereti and his team, including Corporal Fereti Sefo, Corporal Tyrone Mamaia, and Constable Visesio Peni, are spearheading the Close Protection training. Over the next two weeks, selected participants will undergo intensive training to enhance their skills in safeguarding dignitaries during high-profile events like CHOGM.
With the CHOGM event looming, the importance of this training cannot be overstated. Participants will undergo rigorous preparation to ensure the security and safety of esteemed guests during the upcoming gathering.
Working together for a safer and secure Samoa.