SPPCS Ceremony Marks Conclusion of Core Training for Pacific Police.

Earlier today, Thursday 22nd February 2024, a significant ceremony took place to mark the official conclusion of the Core Training of Pacific Police course. The event commenced with a solemn spiritual prayer led by ACEO ICT Laulualetaulaniu Angelo Chan Mow, setting a reflective tone for the proceedings.
Under the guidance of Inspector Brendon Keenan and his dedicated team comprising Senior Sergeant Terry Laws, Senior Sergeant Jodie Lawrence, and Senior Sergeant Gavin Briggs, who is also part of the CHOGM planning team from the New Zealand Police, the training unfolded over the course of the past two weeks.
During the ceremony, Inspector Keenan provided valuable insights and feedback on the training program, highlighting the various aspects covered and lessons imparted to the participants. In his address, he echoed the sentiments expressed by Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo during the opening ceremony, emphasizing the pivotal role of the participants as the future leaders of the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services (SPPCS).
Inspector Keenan underscored the significance of leadership, stressing that effective leadership transcends mere authority and lies in touching the hearts and minds of others. He urged the participants to embody inspirational leadership, grounded in their values, and equipped with the knowledge gleaned from the training.
Expressing gratitude to the SPPCS for the opportunity to impart knowledge and skills, Inspector Keenan conveyed his hopes for the participants to apply their learning in their daily duties and in preparation for the upcoming CHOGM event.
Deputy Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti conveyed heartfelt appreciation, on behalf of Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo and the Executive, to Inspector Keenan and his team for their invaluable contribution to the training initiative. She commended the participants for their dedication and successful completion of the course, emphasizing the importance of the skills and knowledge acquired in their journey towards leadership.
Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati extended gratitude to the instructors and the New Zealand Police for their expertise and support, acknowledging the transformative impact of the training on the participants’ future roles within the SPPCS.
The ceremony culminated with the presentation of certificates marking the completion of the Core Training of Pacific Police, symbolizing the participants’ readiness to embrace their roles as leaders within the organization.
The event served as a testament to the commitment of all involved towards the advancement of law enforcement capabilities and the cultivation of future leaders within the Pacific Police community.