SPPCS BOMB Search Training officially closed.

Earlier today, on Friday, February 16th, 2024, a formal ceremony was convened at the Training Unit premises located in Matautu to mark the conclusion of the Bomb Search training program facilitated by three instructors from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Leading Senior Constable Jon-Paul Zaganelli, Senior Constable Carmen Tootell; and Senior Constable Luke Bowden.. Notably, among the 41 individuals who successfully completed the training, there were 9 female officers and 32 male officers.
Inspector Si’itaga Filipo Iloilo commenced the proceedings with words of encouragement, drawing upon the biblical passage from Psalm 124, “If the Lord had not been on our side.” He invoked the story of David confronting the Philistines, highlighting the divine intervention that led to David’s triumph. Inspector Filipo underscored the pivotal role of divine assistance in the achievement of the graduate officers, emphasizing that their success in the training was intrinsically linked to it.
Senior Constable Luke Bowden one of the esteemed bomb search instructors, offered reflections on the training regimen and its integral components. Notably, two fundamental bomb search programs were conducted, focusing on methodologies for inspecting vehicles, routes, and buildings. Senior Constable Luca expressed sincere gratitude to the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services and the participants, acknowledging the mutual exchange of knowledge encompassing both search techniques and cultural insights.
Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati extended profound appreciation to the instructors for their exemplary guidance throughout the training duration. Furthermore, he conveyed gratitude to Detective Sergeant Peter O’Neill and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for facilitating this invaluable training opportunity, which has equipped all participants with indispensable knowledge, particularly pertinent in anticipation of the forthcoming CHOGM event. DC Lafaitele delivered a poignant address to the participants, underscoring the paramount importance of the bomb search training and lauding them for their commendable achievement. He urged them to take pride in their newly acquired proficiencies and emphasized their heightened readiness to discharge their duties efficaciously.
Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele extended heartfelt congratulations to all the participants and formally concluded the Bomb Search training ceremony.