Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services Bolsters Training for CHOGM 2024 and Routine Operations

This morning, Monday 8 April 2024, Samoa’s commitment to both exceptional security for the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in October and routine law enforcement duties was on full display. The Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services (SPPCS) held two significant opening ceremonies, emphasizing their dedication to ensuring safety and security at all times.
Firstly, Defensive Driving Training (DDT) commenced, reinforcing skills essential for handling diverse road scenarios, crucial not only for CHOGM but also for everyday policing activities. Secondly, Close Personal Protection (CPP) training began, highlighting the importance of safeguarding VIPs not just during CHOGM but also in routine security operations.
These training sessions, integral for both CHOGM preparations and routine duties, underscore Samoa’s proactive stance in maintaining public safety. Stay tuned for further updates as Samoa gears up to host CHOGM 2024 while ensuring security remains paramount in all facets of law enforcement.