Police Officers Commence Defensive Driving Training to Qualify for Police Vehicle Operation

In a formal ceremony conducted earlier today, the commencement of the 3rd Defensive Driving Training for this year 2024 marked a significant step for law enforcement officers as they embark on a rigorous journey to qualify for operating police vehicles.
Led by experienced trainers Corporal Palepa Ioane and Corporal Danny Maauga, the two-week program aims to equip ten officers with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for safe and proficient driving of police cars. Superintendent Laufili Malu Talo, in his address to the participants, emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards of driving proficiency within law enforcement.
The training signals the commitment of the department to prioritize safety on the roads while ensuring that officers are adequately prepared to handle the demands of police vehicle operation. Through a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises, participants will undergo comprehensive training to navigate various scenarios they may encounter while on duty.
As the officers embark on this training journey, they do so with the recognition of the vital role they play in upholding public safety. With dedication and determination, they are poised to emerge from the program as qualified and responsible drivers, ready to serve their communities with professionalism and integrity.