Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele Herbert Aati attended the Pacific Transnational Crime Network (PTCN) Team Leaders conference held in Brisbane Australia. The conference brought together twenty countries from across the Pacific to discuss and learn the best ways to counter emerging threats facing the Pacific region.
The theme of this year’s conference was “Enhancing partnerships to strike transnational crime in the Pacific”
Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele reminded advisors and team leaders of their role and responsibility and challenged them to play their part in ensuring that our Blue Pacific is protected from Transtaional Crime .
He further emphasized that partnership increases our capacity and strengthens our bonds in the region.
According to DC Lafaitele, the conference was a success and it allowed for countries to share their strengths weakness and discuss how each member country can assist each other moving forward. It was a timely reminder that the safety of the Blue Pacific requires a regional approach.
Working together for a safe Blue Pacific.
Deputy Commissioner Lafaitele was joined by SPPCS Inspector Lopati Peniata.