Close Personnel Protection Course.

The Close Personnel Protection Course (CPP) was officially opened earlier today, welcoming two additional Tongan officers as participants. The Acting Commissioner, Leiataua Samuelu Afamasaga, officially commenced the training, reminding the participants to use the opportunity wisely.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Leiataua emphasized the time and effort the Australian Federal Police (AFP) CPP Instructors have offered Samoa Police. He encouraged the officers to make the most of the training, as it will undoubtedly enhance their capabilities.
SPPCS acknowledges the ongoing support provided by the AFP in enhancing the skills and knowledge of officers who will participate in the CPP Course. This collaboration demonstrates the commitment by both organisations to strengthen security in the region and ensure the well-being and protection of individuals.
The CPP training aims to provide officers with the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide close protection to their clients. Through a comprehensive training program, participants will gain a deep understanding of risk assessment, threat mitigation, and self-defense techniques. The training course will run for 2 weeks.