DURATION – SATURDAY 22/01/2022 6PM UNTIL MONDAY 24/01/2022 6PM

• Staying at home except for essential workers.
• Banning of vehicles on traffic except for authorized vehicles.
• Wearing facial masks and keeping social distancing.
• Closing all government ministries, companies and private sectors except for essential services.
• Closing all schools and universities.
• Closing down of airports and wharfs.
• Banning all gatherings or gaming.
• Closing all markets, retail stores, supermarkets and all other businesses.
• Banning street vending.
• Banning sea trips on ferries for Upolu and Savaii islands.
• Isolating frontline officers and supporting staffs who are working to enforce State of Emergency Orders for the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Refraining from hospital visits except for emergency.

Working Together for a Safer Samoa.