• Samoa Police, Prisons and Corrections Services has received enquiries on the permits issued for HRPP political rally activities with the car parade on Friday, 29 July 2021 and a peaceful march on Monday, 2 August 2021.

        After careful consideration and consistent with past practices and lawful requirements, the SPPCS, acting pursuant to section 4A of the Police Offences Ordinance 1961, issued permits, with conditions, for the ‘peaceful marches’ as requested by the HRPP. The Criminal Procedure Act 2016 and Crimes Act 2013 were considered in the review; however, it was determined that the relevant provisions of these legislation did not apply in these particular scenarios, as long as nefarious actions do not manifest during the events.

        Additionally, as with past similar requests and events, Article 13 of the Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa 1960 ‘Rights regarding freedom of speech, assembly, association, movement and residence’ played a major contributing factor during the vetting process. SPPCS will be closely monitoring both events for compliance and, of course, providing security for the people of Samoa.

        Working together for a safe Samoa.