• 23 August 2021

        Today, I, Fuavailiili Egon Keil can confirm that I have resigned as the Commissioner of Police, Prisons and Corrections Services of Samoa.

        I handed in my resignation Notice to the Honourable Minister of Police, Prisons and Corrections Services this morning. My current contract was extended by the previous government to assist with the transition now completed, I have decided that my time of service has also come to its conclusion.

        I have served two terms and have decided that it is time to focus on spending time with my family and other personal pursuits.

        The Ministry has a strong group of Deputy Commissioners and police officers that I am grateful to have worked with during my time here in the Ministry.

        I am confident that they will continue their dedicated hard work for Samoa.

        I had devoted my life to be the best police officer I can be, in service of the community.

        To have been the Commissioner of my country of birth has therefore been an honour and a privilege that my family and I will forever be grateful for.

        Faafetai tele lava Samoa.

        God bless the Ministry of Police, Prisons and Corrections.

        God Bless Samoa


        Fuiavailiili Egon Keil