• The Ministry of Police, Prisons & Corrections in collaboration with the Malua Theological College has successfully completed a counseling programme for a group of inmates at Tanumalala Prison.

        More than 50 inmates (both males & females) participated in this programme and selection was based on records of inmates with poor discipline and anger issues.

        The programme was a part of the continuous effort by the Ministry to help and support inmates work through their issues by providing counseling through Bible sharing, singing and performances to provide new ways and ideas for inmates in areas of anger management, problem solving and decision making.

        Malua Theological College Year 3 A’oa’o & Faletua, led by Rev Dr Alesana F Palamo & Faletua conducted this programme for three consecutive Fridays. The programme provides therapy for inmates by training their cognitive skills which constitutes fixing how they usually go about solving problems, dealing with social situations and how to deal with anger. They’ve also worked one-on-one to explore mental health concerns, mindset issues and emotional problems that may lead to re-engaging with criminal behaviors.

        The programme was a success as inmates were able to articulate on the importance of rebuilding social connectedness, achieving as full physical and psychological recovery as possible and a sense of direction for the future.

        Rev Dr Alesana thanked the Prisons Executive and participants on behalf of the A’oa’o & Faletua for the exquisite opportunity given to them not only to share their knowledge and rehabilitating inmates but to learn and gain experience as they prepare themselves to become great leaders for Jesus and His church.

        An exchange of gifts between the two parties in the end as our usual cultural practice to show gratitude and to celebrate the most of every opportunity that the Lord has given through such fellowship.

        Working Together for a Better and Safer Samoa.