Alopaopao Cyber safety message

      • Samoa Police took the Cyber Safety Pasifika message to the Nafanua Halloween Alopaopao regatta on the weekend. It was a great opportunity to engage with our community and compete with so many businesses and organizations from across Samoa.

        Thanks to all the parents and kids who attended our Cyber Safety Pasifika display and picked up one of our Online Safety brochures. The program helps everyone in our community to learn about technology and how to stay safe online. Don’t worry if you missed out, you can find lots of tips and resources at

        In the meantime our Captain and Cyber Safety Ambassador Angelo Chan Mow’s top tips are

        1. Only talk to people on the internet that you know and trust.
        2. Personal information shouldn’t be shared on the internet.
        3. Set up secure privacy settings on all of your accounts.
        4. Use a strong password, keep it private and change it regularly.
        5. Don’t open emails from people you don’t know.