On Tuesday 9 June 2020 at around 1.30 noon Asau Police Post responded to a call for assistance with regards to efforts in locating two boys and their father reported to have been washed away by the ocean at Neiafu.
Circumstances of the matter indicates that two brothers and their cousin went fishing on the lava rocks at Neiafu. However, due to high tide and strong sea surge one of the boys was caught by waves. His older brother jumped in to try and saved him.
The cousin reported the matter to his family and the father of the two boys responded in trying to locate his children. The body of the 12 year old was recovered yesterday evening and his 18 year old brother was recovered at around 8 am this morning.
The 48 year old father remains missing.
Fagasa and Neiafu village as well as divers from Nafanua 2 Patrol boat responded to the recovery operation.
SPS wishes to take this opportunity to remind parents and guardians the importance of stressing to our young people especially our children all aspects of safety.
We offer our deepest condolences to the grieving family