As we settle from the prison break, this is not the time for us to celebrate. We must refocus on adhering to our State of Emergency (SOE) Orders. We as a country must fight this invisible enemy COVID-19 together. Importantly Samoa Police Service (SPS) wishes to advise our general public to please adhere to our SOE orders. This will limit any spread of this virus. If we as a community are not serious, the impact of the corona virus will be detrimental.

We must all be vigilant as individuals, as families, as villages and as a whole community. Lets not be lax now. The responsibility is upon all of us. SPS has seen the way we come together as a community especially during the prison break. We ask that you do the same as we fight this invisible enemy.

Please stay home
Spend quality time with family
Look after our vulnerable children and elders
Take time to reflect on God
Pray for Samoa! our wonderful country, our island in the sun.

Working together for a safe Samoa