Since the Proclamation of Emergency into the measles outbreak two weeks ago in Samoa, the Samoa Police Service (SPS) has been working around the clock to support our National Emergency Operation Center’s (‘NEOC’) efforts by providing security at all stationary and mobile clinics in Upolu and Savaii. Our mission is to assist and support emergency service agencies and provide security to all of Samoa.

SPS has been providing security to not only to medical clinics and facilities, but also to all government and volunteer workers at over 40 plus clinic sites, strategically placed at various locations in Samoa.

SPS has also deployed the Nafanua II on two crucial humanitarian sails to American Samoa to drop off numerous commercial type oxygen tanks for filling and pick up filled oxygen tanks from American Samoa as requested by the Ministry of Health. SPS acknowledges and sends a deep gratitude to the Government of Australia for the timely gifting of the Nafanua II, which has enabled us to do our job and ultimately mitigate complications sustained by those inflicted by the epidemic.

On this Sunday we take a moment to remember all the children of Samoa who have succumb to this disease and offer prayers and love to some of our officers who have been affected by the loss of their own children to the measles epidemic.

Sending our love and prayers to all the people of Samoa!