Attempted Abduction Alert

The Samoa Police Service (‘SPS’) has proactively approached witnesses to the alleged abduction posted by members of the public on social media. This matter was not reported initially to SPS. However, the information that SPS has received so far is assisting police in launching an investigation into this matter. The information provided includes details of a possible vehicle used for the alleged offence.

Details of alleged vehicle

A white Toyota 15 seater van with blue stripe at the bottom, tinted windows and broken
rear windshield window.

Time of incident

Attempted abduction of victims is at night time.

SPS takes this matter seriously and is asking members of the public to report any sighting of a van with similar description or any mechanic workshop receiving recent request for replacement of rear windshield window of a 15 seater van.

Furthermore, SPS also reminds parents to be vigilant and ensure that our young children are accompanied by an adult at night time for their safety. SPS also encourages the public to report any matter of suspicious nature to a nearest police station or contact our Office on telephone 22 222.