PICP Conference Day 1 & 2

Keynote speaker begins by acknowledging the work that is already being done to combat cybercrime and child exploitation in the Pacific.
“This threat is not new to the region, and that conferences such as this one provides an opportunity to shine a light on this serious issue and bring it to the forefront”.
The agenda for the conference, which includes discussions on legislation, approaches to prevention, and building partnerships.
This emphasizes the importance of working together to create a safe and secure region for our children. The keynote speaker concluded by encouraging everyone to ask questions and have open discussions, and to keep the victims of these crimes in mind.
Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo actively contributed to discussions and was vocal in raising concerns regarding Samoa’s stance on this matter and how each international partner should play a role to assist not only Samoa but the region in dealing with this type of cyber offence.
The take aways from this conference will be used to improve legislation reform & investigative techniques in order to safeguard our children from the dangers of the online world.