Following today’s graduation, the SPPCS now has twenty (20) more Corrections Officers as members

Twenty (20) new Corrections Officers were added to the Samoa Prisons & Corrections Services today. These officers successfully completed the Police Basic recruit course, a rigorous 12-week program that involved both physical training and theoretical learning.
The graduation ceremony for the new officers was graced by the presence of Rev. Dr Alesana Palaamo, who delivered a motivational sermon reminding the officers to walk humbly with God as they embark on their duties. The Reverend’s words emphasised the importance of maintaining a strong connection to their faith as they carry out their responsibilities as Corrections officers.
One of the distinguished guests at the ceremony was Honorable Judge Alalatoa Rosella Viane Papali’i. Judge Papali’i played an active role in the event, presenting various awards to the graduates, including the prestigious Dux of the class of 2023 award, as well as other special recognitions.
The addition of these twenty new Corrections Officers marks a significant milestone for the Samoa Prisons & Corrections Services. With their completion of the rigorous training program, these officers are now ready to contribute their skills and knowledge to maintaining the safety and security of the community. Their dedication and commitment to their roles are commendable, and the entire community looks forward to the positive impact they will have on the correctional system.
Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo began his remarks by expressing his congratulations to the twenty (20) Corrections Officers who successfully completed the demanding 12-week training and studies. He commended their dedication and hard work, acknowledging the sacrifices they made to answer the call of duty.
Auapa’au took the opportunity to express his gratitude to each and every graduate for their commitment to serving the community. He recognised the importance of their services and sacrifices, emphasising the significance of their role in upholding law and order.
The Police Commissioner also extended his thanks to the families and friends of the graduates, recognising the support they provided throughout the rigorous 12-week training program. He acknowledged the crucial role played by parents, families, friends, and villages in shaping these individuals into capable and responsible officers.
In his address, Auapa’au reminded the new Corrections Officers that, “Every person, regardless of their actions, is entitled to rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of Samoa”.
He expressed the importance of upholding these rights and treating every individual with fairness and respect, regardless of their past.
Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo expressed his pride in the achievements of the graduates and reminded them that they carried the hopes and dreams of their families, friends, and communities on their shoulders.
He urged them to embrace their responsibilities with integrity and professionalism, serving as beacons of justice in the community they swore to protect.
SPPCS Corrections Officer’s Class of 2023
Corrections Officer Gaula Misilei Faaofo (Dux of the Class 2023)
Corrections Officer Solomona Posenai (Students Choice 2023)
Corrections Officer Vanessa Seuoti (Excellence in Initiative)
Corrections Officer Malaeto’imea Saili (Excellence In Fitness 2023)
Corrections Officer Momoe Lauese (Most Discipline 2023)
Corrections Officer Melisa Meleisea (Excellence Team Spirit 2023)
Corrections Officer Lenetty Solomona Tavu’i ( Best All Round 2023)
Corrections Officer Eddie Tolovae
Corrections Officer Faasinoala Ti’a
Corrections Officer Onesemo Moefa’auo
Corrections Officer Boaz Jeremiah Vaefaga
Corrections Officer Folole Semu Talifilemu
Corrections Officer Otila Peter Ah Fook
Corrections Officer Avele Solofuti
Corrections Officer Agamalu Ofisa Faalogo
Corrections Officer Pio Pinati
Corrections Officer Kerisiano Kerisiano
Corrections Officer Arrigona Masoe
Corrections Officer Blessing Vito
Corrections Officer Ropati Lepou