14 inmates graduate from Construction Course courtesy of the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC

Fourteen inmates who successfully completed a two-week short course in construction in May this year gathered with their families for a special ceremony today at Tanumalala prison. The ceremony marked the official presentation of their APTC Certificates in Construction. The event was graced by the presence of the Acting Australia High Commissioner to Samoa, Ms Clair McGeechan, who delivered inspiring opening remarks to the inmates.
The course, which took place earlier this year, provided the inmates with valuable skills and knowledge in the field of construction. Throughout the two weeks, they learned various practical techniques and theoretical concepts, equipping them with the necessary tools to pursue a career in this industry.
The ceremony was a significant milestone for the fourteen inmates, as it symbolized their dedication and commitment to personal growth and development. Their families were present to witness this proud moment and showed their unwavering support.
Ms Clair McGeechan, in her opening remarks, emphasized the importance of utilizing all available resources and opportunities for personal transformation. She commended the inmates for their determination to improve their lives through education and vocational training. Her inspiring words resonated with the inmates, encouraging them to continue their journey towards a better future.
The presentation of the APTC Certificates in Construction was a testament to the inmates’ hard work and perseverance. Each certificate represented a tangible achievement, showcasing their newfound skills and capabilities. It was a moment of celebration and recognition for their accomplishments.
The inmates expressed gratitude towards the prison authorities and the organizers of the course for providing them with this unique opportunity for growth. They acknowledged the positive impact that the construction course had on their lives, giving them hope and a sense of purpose.
As the ceremony concluded, the inmates were filled with a renewed sense of motivation and determination. They understood that the completion of the course was just the beginning of their journey towards successful reintegration into society. Armed with their APTC Certificates in Construction, they were ready to embark on a new chapter, equipped with the necessary skills to build a brighter future.
The Construction Course Certificate Presentation ceremony at Tanumalala prison was a powerful reminder of the transformative power of education and vocational training. It highlighted the immense potential for change and growth within every individual, regardless of their circumstances. The inmates’ achievements serve as an inspiration to others, proving that with determination and opportunity, one can overcome barriers and create a better future.